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Andreas Kyriacou

Writer, Director & Creative Producer

Andreas Kyriacou

Writer, Director & Creative Producer

Splash Screen Entertainment is the storytelling collective formed by Cypriot filmmaker Andreas "splash" Kyriacou, focusing on film, television and video game development.

He studied film production and directing at Raindance Institute in London and has since worked in various film production houses and broadcast corporations in Cyprus since 2006. Andreas curated the Cyprus Comic Con Film Festival from 2013 till 2016 and teaches film workshops for Universities across Cyprus. In 2016 he co-funded the non-profit GeekOtopos Collaborative Hive promoting film activism and education. From 2016 till 2018 he was the co-creative director of the Cyprus Film Days for Children & Youth.

Currently developing an international mini series based on his short film, The Midnight Shift. The concept was developed via the Midpoint Tv Launch program and was awarded the HBO Award in Sarajevo Film Festival 2017. In April 2018 he joined the inaugural Canneseries Institute and became part of the first alumni. Andreas was also selected for UGC Writers Campus organised by Series Mania Festival, the European Genre Foroum, MFI Script 2 Film and Torino Film Lab NEXT workshops.

During the 2020 pandemic he co-founded The World's Writers Room Project with 37 international screenwriters who are all working together remotely to create an episodic antholgy series inspired by isolation, paranoia and eventually hope.

Selected Filmography:
imdb: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3566805/

Christina Tryphonos

Director, Writer & Casting Director

Christina Tryphonos

Director, Writer & Casting Director

Christina Tryphonos was born on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. This event shocked her since she does not like the Mediterranean temperatures or the Mediterranean temperament. Thankfully she doesn’t notice much since she spends most of her time on other worlds. She is an avid reader of all types of literature and an avid watcher of films and tv series. She got used to Cyprus as well since the food is quite excellent. When she is not too engrossed in her fictional travel she takes time to actually work, she has been part of the film and TV industry in Cyprus for 12 years now, mostly as a director and 1st AD, but has also ventured into script editing and script writing when opportunities arose. Christina aspires to write and direct compelling character driven stories like the ones she has spent so much time consuming.

Andreas Phylactou

Line Producer

Andreas Phylactou

Line Producer

Andreas was born and raised in Limassol, Cyprus in 1984. He studied

acting in Athens, Greece where he received a BA(Hons) in Performing Arts

awarded from Queen Margaret University of Edinburgh.

He took his first steps in acting while still being a student in 2 major shows.

One in theatre and one in TV. After returning to his maternal Cyprus he

worked for the Cyprus Theatre Organisation and most other major theatre

companies. Soon he followed his stage debut by co-starring in many local

Television and Cinema productions.

In 2014 he moved in London to perform for the Royal Academy of Dramatic

Arts and in a dance theatre show produced by the Leeds University that

toured in many European cities. He considers his most proud moment on

stage to date, when he was cast by a multinational theatre company to

perform in “The Trojan Women” in the ancient theatre of Delphi in Greece.

In 2016 he co-founded Black Lemon Tv in Cyprus, to bring independent

and innovative productions targeting youth audiences using online

platforms. In his position as head producer he developed numerous

podcasts, short films and most recently a feature film that is scheduled to

premiere in festivals in early 2022.



- SEX, HALLOUMI & ROCK N’ ROLL (2024), feature film, in development

- ATAXIA (2022), web series (10x20’), in script development

- BACKROOM BLUES (2022), short film

- AU REVOIR, SLUMDOGZ! (2022), feature film

- A NIGHT OF RIOTS (2021), short film

- THE VIPER’S PIT (2021), feature film

- STRAIN ROULETTE (2020), short film

Frixos Masouras

Writer, Script Editor

Frixos Masouras

Writer, Script Editor

Frixos, as well as having an established career as a television sports commentator for the Premier League and Formula 1 championships, since 2009, he has forayed into the realm of writing with his first theatre play Au revoir, you dirty dogs, released in Cyprus in 2018 to great success and the release of his first novella in 2019 (The Ballad of James Tig). A feature-film version of the theatrical play has been shot and is now is post-production.

He first dipped his toes in the world of television series writing when he, and two other colleagues, won the prestigious HBO Award at the 2017 Sarajevo Film Festival, with their series concept, The Midnight Shift, as part of the Midpoint TV Launch development program. The series is currently in development.

In the meantime he is working on the first part of his fantasy saga, after trying out self publishing with his first book.

In 2016 he co-founded the non-profit GeekOtopos Collaborative Hive.


Au revoir, you dirty dogs / Fiction Feature / Writer / In Post-Production

Maya / Fiction Feature / Co-writer / In Development

The Midnight Shift / Anthology Series / Co-Writer / In Development